IELTS General Training

The IELTS General Training test is for those who are going to English speaking countries for secondary education, work experience or training programs. It is also a requirement for migration to Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the UK. The test focuses on basic survival skills in broad social and workplace contexts.


Что это такое - практика йоги? Как кажется, просто странные эквилибры изо дня в день, а если приглядеться, прочувствовать, понаблюдать за собой? Какая награда за эту новую привычку? Может быть радость от того, что есть атом притяжения "людей твоего круга", тех, с кем разделить "и радость, и горе"? Пусть не в голос, пусть в себе, ...но "переварить и это", оставив лишь в сухом остатке опыт. Именно маленькие регулярные действия приводят нас к большим результатам в жизни!

Практика физической нагрузки совмещенная с дыханием для гармонизации осознания тела и настроения, контроля за состоянием, обдумывание и выбор саногенной последовательности мышления самим практикующим. Укрепление мужской силы.

1. Careers

2. Selling online

3. Companies

4. Great ideas

5. Stress

PART 01.

UNIT 01. Holidays Are Over 
Talking Points:
Step 1 Summer holidays
Step 2 Weather in different seasons
Step 3 Holiday places
Step 4 Holidays at home and abroad
Step 5 Holidays in Britain
Step 6 Weekends and weekdays
Step 7 Russian school holidays

Grammar Points: 
1. Present Simple (revision)
2. Past Simple of regular verbs (revision)
3. Irregular verbs in Past Simple
4. Going to (revision)
5. Future Simple (revision)
6. Adjectives: degrees of comparison (revision)
7. As…as, not as…as, not so…as to compare objects

1.Words for talking points
2.Nouns “town”&“city”
3.Polysemantic words: “country”

2. Scotland
3. Italy
4. Some facts about European countries and Russia
5. R.L.Stevenson /Celebrities

Step 8 Round-up 40
Step 09 Test Yourself 44

Step 10 Enjoy Yourself :
1. Aesop and his fables/ Celebrities of ancient times
2. The Grasshopper and the Ant
3. Bed in Summer (poem by R.L.Stevenson)/ Celebrities` works
4. The Ants Go Marching (song)
5. Language game
“The Glass Bead Game”

UNIT 02. Family History 
Talking points:
Step 1 Daily routine
Step 2 Jobs and careers
Step 3 Biographies
Step 4 Interests and hobbies
Step 5 Family relations
Step 6 Your address
Step 7 You and your family

Grammar Points:
1.Irregular verbs in Past Simple
4.General questions in Present, Future and Past Simple and answers to them

1.Words for talking points
2.Naming years
3.Prepositions with the verb “leave”
4.Ordinal numbers
5.Spelling numbers
6.The noun “family” in the singular and plural

Culture and History:
1.Glasgow and its coat-of-arms
2.William Allingham

Step 08 Round-up 83
Step 09 Test Yourself 88

Step 010 Enjoy Yourself:
1.The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse (fable)
2.Swing, swing (poem by W.Allingham)
3.The Bear went over the Mountain (song)
5. Language game
“The Glass Bead Game”

UNIT 03. Healthy Ways 93
Step 1 95
Step 2 101
Step 3 107
Step 4 111
Step 5 112
Step 6 119
Step 7 124
Step 08 Round-up 128
Step 09 Test Yourself 133
Step 010 Enjoy Yourself 136
Часть 02.
Book Guide 03
UNIT 04 After School 6
Step 1 7
Step 2 11
Step 3 15
Step 4 19
Step 5 24
Step 6 29
Step 7 33
Step 8 Round-up 37
Step 09 Test Yourself 42
Step 10 Enjoy Yourself 44
UNIT 05. From Place toPlace 46
Step 1 49
Step 2 54
Step 3 59
Step 4 64
Step 5 68
Step 6 73
Step 7 77
Step 8 Round-up 81
Step09 Test Yourself 86
Step 010 Enjoy Yourself 88
UNIT 06. About Russia 90
Step 1 93
Step 2 98
Step 3 103
Step 4 108
Step 5 113
Step 6 118
Step 7 122
Step 8 Round-up 126
Step 09 Test Yourself 129
Step 010 Enjoy Yourself 133
Guide to Textbook  137
Grammar Reference 139
Список неправильных глаголов 162
Англо-русский словарь 164
Список географических названий 177

Unit 1. Russia, my homeland 

Unit 2. English - a language of the world / The Simple (Indefinite) Tenses, The Continuous (Progressive) Tenses, Complex Object, Noun (Countable: Concrete, Collective&Uncountable: Material, Abstract, Common&Proper, Singular&Plural), The Indefinite Article&The Definite Article), Phrasal verbs: look, make, take, give, get

Unit 3. Me and my world / Family, Friends, Hobbies&Pastimes, Traditions, Likes and Dislikes, Biography / The Perfect Tenses, The definite article, Zero article, Phrasal verbs: turn, Idioms: to push and to pull idioms/

Unit 4. It takes many kinds / Behavior and manners, Appearance, Personality, Likes and Dislikes, Beliefs and Opinions, Why is it good to be different? We are different, we are alike / Size, Shape, Feel, Temperature, Weight/ Adjectives. Degrees of Comparison, The Present Perfect Continuous Tense versus Present Perfect, The Past Perfect Continuous Tense, Phrasal verbs: rush

Unit 5. Christmas / 

Unit 6. The pleasure of reading / The Future Perfect Continuous Tense, Phrasal verbs: run, 

Unit 7. Popular arts / Passive Voice, Modal verbs+Passive Voice, Continuous (Progressive) Forms of the Passive Voice, Perfect Forms of the Passive Voice, 

Unit 8. Sport in our life 

Unit 9. Exploring the world 


Unit 1. Economics

Unit 2. Economic systems

Unit 3. Microeconomics

Unit 4. Macroeconomics

Unit 5. Demand and supply

Unit 6. Setting the price

Unit 7. Pricing strategies

Unit 8. Money and its functions

Unit 9. Money and banking

Unit 10. Banks and interest rates

Unit 11. Banking business

Unit 12. Fiscal policy

Unit 13. Finance and corporate finance

Unit 14. Funding the business

Unit 15. Management of working capital

Unit 16. Raising money for investments

Unit 17. What is the foreign exchange market

Unit 18. The foreign exchange market

Unit 19. Functions of the stock exchange

Unit 20. Taxation


Unit 1. Introduction to accounting / Jobs in accounting, Accounting principles, Creative accounting, CPA & Chartered Accountant/

Unit 2. Financial statements and ratios / Profit and Loss Statement, Balance Sheet, Explaining accounts, Ratio analysis/

Unit 3. Tax accounting / Tax systems, Methods of depreciation, Calculating tax expense, Taxation planning/

Unit 4. Auditing / Role of auditors, Types of audits, Auditor-client relationship, Describing graphs, An auditor`s report/

Unit 5. Management accounting / Defining management accounting, Statement of Cash Flows, Budgets, The future of accounting/

Unit 6. Investment / Cross-border investments, Different accounting practices, Intercultural issues, Globalization and the role of accountants/